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Cédric Beust

Kotlin is the Future

Java is boring, and Kotlin is the future. In July 2018 Cédric Beust (@cbeust), creator of Android Gmail and TestNG, was interviewed on the Talking Kotlin Podcast.  The entire interview is well worth a listen, but I wanted to share a short quote from him.

”A lot of these engineers are getting a bit bored by Java, and a bit burned out by Java. And then when you tell them they can actually start writing in Kotlin, suddenly their work becomes interesting again. So not only that, but I think there is a point that can be made, that when you start offering Kotlin to your engineers as a possibility, they are also more likely to stay with you, as opposed to going to work with another company, where they are going to be working on yet another mobile app, but oh, they haven’t adopted Kotlin yet, so you’re going to go back to Java.

Most people who start working in Kotlin, will probably never want to go back to Java, and it’s going to dictate how they look for a job, and how they look at opportunities.

It’s probably one of the first questions they ask future employers – do you guys use Kotlin or Java?

And if you say you’re using Java, first of all they’re not going to be happy, because they don’t want to write in Java, but another reason why they might turn you down is because they are thinking, well these guys are still developing mobile software the way we used to five years ago, so I don’t really want to go back into that world.”

So if you’re just getting into mobile development in Android and were on the fence about whether to learn Java or Kotlin, hopefully, this might give you a hint. 😉