The Kotlin Book

The Kotlin Book

The Kotlin Book: an introduction to Android development for iOS Developers

A comprehensive introduction to Kotlin and Android development:
  • asteriskZERO Java. Have you wanted to get into Android development, but don’t want to deal with Java?
  • asteriskFast Track to Kotlin fluency for iOS / Swift Developers.  Why wait for server side Swift?  Kotlin can already be used anywhere that Java is used.  By learning Kotlin, which is uncannily similar to Swift, you will be able to expand your skill set to cover full stack development as well as Android development.
  • asteriskNo Assumptions. Have you been curious about Kotlin, but been annoyed that most resources for it assume you already know Java and Android development?
Both Swift and Kotlin are modern, open source programming languages, each in their own right is the future for mobile development, Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android.
Currently, Swift is used almost exclusively for Apple platform development (iOS, Mac OS, tvOS, WatchOS). It is also available on Linux, and the goal is for it to be completely platform independent and used in a variety of places, including server side development. That’s the goal, but not the current state.Kotlin, on the other hand, can quite literally be used anywhere Java is currently used. Hence, from the very beginning, Kotlin is viable for full stack development – for native mobile & wearables development via the Android platform, for server side development, for Internet of Things (IOT), etc.
Although Kotlin is a new language, there are already a number of books available on Kotlin, on Android, and on Android development with Kotlin. When I began teaching Android development at the college level, I first went to these books to see which was most suitable for my own students. However I found that for the most part, books on Android development using Kotlin, assumed that the reader already had a background both in Java and in Android development, i.e. the target audience of these books were experienced Android developers who were used to writing apps in Java but now wanted to switch to Kotlin. Likewise, books written solely about Kotlin also made the assumption that the reader is already familiar with Java.Like Swift, Kotlin is an excellent first language. But regardless if Kotlin is your first language, or merely one in a long succession of programming languages you have encountered, if you are learning Android development for the very first time, why not do so with a modern, elegant language that is much simpler and easier to develop with than Java?

Brett Padgett

Brett Padgett,

Director, Citigroup

“Fuad always seemed to know exactly what I needed to get to the next level. He would challenge and push me; however, he would never overwhelm me. He had a keen sense of what I was ready for every step of the way…Fuad was a phenomenal mentor, and I would highly recommend him for others.”

Kimberly Miller

Kim Miller,

Wellness website and social media platform developer

“Upon starting the Mobile Design and Development Principles class, I had minimal knowledge about how to even start designing a mobile application to please end users, let alone actually build one. Admittedly, I was also very nervous about not having the traditional textbook to follow. Professor Kamal quickly put my mind at ease by providing numerous resources for each topic as well as real-life examples. His extensive knowledge of today’s technology as well as his knowledge of building mobile apps to please the end user made for a strong foundation for me to build upon. I now have a true desire to learn more about app development so I can make the app for my business the best it can be.”

Regina Lee

Regina Lee,

Student, HCC

“You have opened my eyes that there is so much to learn when it comes to “Android Mobile Design.” If you are teaching this class during the summer semester, I would take it again!”

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